Efficient DevOps Collaboration Platform
Seamless Joint Developer,Operation,and Business Reduce operating noise,shorten MTTR and improve work efficiency

Reach the right people with the key message

Assignment conditions Alert status Alert level Alert notice Alert notice method

Minimize interruptions so you can focus

Root cause scenario Root cause prediction Root cause location

Real-time updates on incidents and customer impact

Alert analysis graph Alert analysis data Alert platform access
Reduce operating costs, improve work efficiency
Deployment Mode
delivery mode
Direct access to the SaaS platform, easy and simple using, take possession of experience of deploying hundreds of private enterprises to protect the long-term development of your IT system
Intelligent algorithm
machine learning
Out-of-box algorithm engine trained and validated with 200 million + event data
A variety of algorithms adapt to different operation and maintenance scenarios
Manage Process
on-call management
Multiple event management tools such as assignment, notice, upgrade, scheduling, and collaboration
incident handling methods such as claim, recovery, closure and forwarding
They are using DataPhant
In the face of hundreds of daily system alerts, a unified processing platform is particularly important for operation and maintenance operator. Cloud Alert helps us quickly access alert data from different monitoring sources. With the flexible alert classification and notice, it accelerates the alert processing and fault analysis process and improves the efficiency of our routine operation and maintenance work.
Operation and Maintenance Director
We still have many business needs and look forward to making deeper cooperation with DataPhant to improve the maintenance of our business systems. We will discuss business quality analysis and other operation and maintenance issues with the DataPhant team later so as to enhance the online and efficient implementation of a smoother, more comprehensive and convenient financial-grade face verification business.
Weijie Lin, O&M principal
DataPhant is a professional intelligent incident management platform manufacturer in the industry. Choosing its product provides more reliable experience than the one of system built in-house. The final result also proves that the original choice is wise. Our business progress has been greatly improved and our business has exceeded 120%, making groundbreaking significance for our development!
Ren Wen Xin, VP
Operational efficiency and the stability of the alert platform are crucial for the team. We could have built some systems internally, but it would be more appropriate for the professional team to handle the relevant business. In a word, the use of Cloud Alert brings us greater value and benefits.
DevOps Director
DataPhant helped us solve the problem of the last kilometer of operation and maintenance monitoring. With the intelligent alert platform, alerts from Zabbix, PRTG and Alibaba Cloud are collect, and relevant operation and maintenance operators are informed relevant information in a timely manner, greatly improving the fault response and processing speed, and ensuring the high usability of the customer's business.
Liu Xin,Senior Operations and Maintenance Manager
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